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Events 2018

Goddess Chanting Workshop
Witton Women chanting workshop celebrating the Goddess / Earth Mother
 Saturday 11th August, 11.00 to 16.00 at Witton Gilbert Community Centre.

Some pictures of our wonderful Witton Women chanting workshop with a goddessy theme on Saturday. Our special guest 9-month old Jonah helped us connect with our Mother Goddess nature in the morning session. Then a scrummy shared lunch, sitting outside in the sunshine. Followed by an afternoon of kirtan - mantras to Hindu goddesses (very powerful and bliss-inducing!).
A really lovely day with fabulous women (& Jonah). The photos aren't so brilliant, I'm afraid - just snapshots, and the kirtan was so absorbing that no-one even thought to take pictures.
Big Earth Motherly hugs to all who took part and to those who'd hoped to come but couldn't make it on the day. 
To be repeated next year, perhaps? x

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