Elemental Sounds - what do we do?

Individual treatments

I have a special, peaceful therapy room in my home at Langley Park, near Durham where I give individual sound bath and sound therapy treatments. A session lasts for an hour and costs £30.

Sound therapy

A one-to-one sound therapy, or sound healing treatment is tailored to your personal needs and preferences. It usually starts with me using my voice to scan over you while you lie comfortably on the futon. I continue with more voice work and/or introduce Himalayan singing bowls and/or gong, softly enfolding you in sound. As well as relieving physical symptoms, a sound therapy treatment is soothing to the emotions and calming to the mind.

Group sessions
Gong baths

Gong baths are a particular kind of sound journey, or sound meditation. No water is involved but the name evokes the waves of sound that wash over and through you during a gong bath, leaving your whole being refreshed and revitalised.

Tarquin and I present our gong baths together. Between us we typically play 5 gongs and about 14 singing bowls, a frame drum, tingsha and a range of other instruments, including didge and swarmandal-tanpura. Most of our participants lie down during a gong bath, as this is most conducive to a relaxed, meditative state, though you may be seated if you prefer.


A gong bath lasts for about an hour. Once it has come to a close we ask you to join us for tea and biscuits. This enables you to return to a fully grounded state before you set off for home. We find that people often feel 'spacey' or unreal after the gong bath, which can be quite an intense experience. It's also very pleasant for everyone taking part to chat and compare experiences.

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"I loved my first experience of a gong bath. I loved everything about it, from start to finish. Thank you so much." - Jude 


In August 2017 Tarquin and I held our first 'Introduction to Singing Bowls' workshop at the Vitality Pilates Studio in Langley Park, Durham. We ran a repeat session in October 2017 with more following, most recently on 12th January 2020.

Over the past couple of years we have run workshops for small groups covering topics such as: the didgeridoo, overtone flutes and the harmonic series, playing singing bowls, Native American flutes and how they are made and introducing harmonic singing.


I am keen to bring professional sound practitioners to the North East to share their knowledge.

Over the weekend 1st-2nd April 2017 Michael Ormiston and Candida Valentino came up to Durham from London to lead a workshop and perform a concert / sound journey. More details on my Past Events page.

This follows a pair of events that I organised in 2014 when Michael and Candida taught highly informative and enjoyable workshops on 'An Introduction to Khoomii (Mongolian Overtone Singing) and Himalayan Singing Bowls'. They also treated us to some stunning, unforgettable performances; firstly a superb concert held in March 2014 at Witton Gilbert's medieval parish church and, on their second visit to Durham, a superlative sound journey, in which Tarquin and I were generously invited to participate.

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On Sunday 9th August 2015 Jana Runnalls from Glastonbury came to Durham to hold a special workshop for us at Witton Gilbert Community Centre. The workshop consisted of a morning of mantra, followed by an afternoon of Shamanic drumming and chant. Over 20 participants travelled from far and wide (from Hull and South-East Scotland).for this hugely enjoyable and inspiring workshop. There's already talk of a return visit from Jana next year ...

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